OpenGL(Open Graphics Library) に関するリンク集


SGI - Download
ATI Developer
Event Presentations - 各種イベントでのOpenGL Performance Tuning等のプレゼン資料。
NVIDIA Developer Web Site
3Dlabs - General OpenGL Resources
3Dlabs社はハイエンド向けVideoCard(Wildcat)を出している。OpenGL WGL Manual Pages等。
MSDN Library - WindowsNT OpenGL
SIGGRAPH '97 OpenGL Performance Optimization
OpenGLの最適化に関する情報。他にも、Using OpenGL Extensionsには動的にAPIが利用可能かどうかをチェックする方法等がある。
DGL(Delphi OpenGL Community)
OpenGL FAQ(日本語版)等
SGI OpenGL Performerを使用したモデルデータ変換やSGI/OpenGL/立体視に関する情報等。
宇治社中 〜3D Coding Tips〜
クォータニオンに関する情報等。実際のサイトは閉鎖?されているようなので Web Archive の内容。
GamDevPukiWiki -QuaternionPowers
GameDev.orgで2003年2月に投稿された“Quaternion Powers”(Sobeit Void氏著)の無許可な和訳です。
各種FPS(First Person Shooting)ゲーム情報。
Yahoo!グループ : opengl-jp
日本語による OpenGL メーリングリスト
link集/3D Model Data
link集/3D Graphics
VR(Virtual Reality)関連はこちらのページを参照方。
GIS(Geographic Information System)関連、地図データの読み込みライブラリ等はこちらのページを参照方。

海外サイト。development guide/links辺りは有用。
Amire GEMs
Al's OpenGL Programming Links
海外サイト。Al's OpenGL Game Developmentも参考になりそう。
3D Programming - OpenGL
海外サイト。 Search results - OpenGL


ライセンスについては link集/その他#license を参照方。


For C/C++

SGI - OpenGL Extension Registry
The Mesa 3D Graphics Library / <MIT, GPL>
ユタ大学。A hardware accelerated implementation of OpenGL & the GLX protocol.
GLUT(OpenGL Utility Toolkit)
日本語GLUT APIリファレンス
結晶構造解析用Linuxマシンのセットアップ - LinuxへのGLUTインストール手順。
RedHatLinux9向けGLUT3.7のrpm - 手抜きするならこっち。
SGI FreewareにあるIRIX用GLUTはo32/n32のみ。n64用は自分でビルドする必要あり。
SunMicrosystems > Sun OpenGL API for SolarisOS > GLUT Toolkit
GlutMaster is a very simple C++ wrapper for the widely-used multi-platform GUI called GLUT.
freeglut <X-Consortium>
The Free OpenGL Utility Toolkit。OpenSourceなGLUT。
OpenGLUT is an open source project to evolve the GLUT (OpenGL Utility Toolkit) C/C++ API. OpenGLUT uses the freeglut code base as a foundation for extending, enhancing and refining the API.
OpenGLEAN is an open source project to enhance the GLUT API.
OpenGL C++ Toolkit。
対応OSはVC++6.0/Cygwin/Linux/IRIX。GltFontUnicodeというBitmapのUnicode fontクラスは日本語も対応。
Cpw <Lua>
The Cpw library is pure ANSI c. Cpw does not use C++ but is suitable for use in C++ applications.
c00nGL <GPL>
micro openGL core (software rendering only), easily portable (written in C)
GLEW(The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library)
The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (GLEW) is a cross-platform C/C++ extension loading library. > GLee(The OpenGL Easy Extension library)
The OpenGL Easy Extension library (GLee) makes life easier for OpenGL developers by automatically linking OpenGL extensions and core functions at initialisation time.
OglExt library <LGPL>
OglExt is a free OpenGL extension library, enabling the easy access of all functionality up to OpenGL version 1.5 as well as API functions of more than 200 OpenGL extensions. The library was initially written for Microsoft Windows but works for Linux and MacOS X as well.
ClanLib Game SDK <LGPL>
ClanLib is a cross platform C++ framework.
Cross platform OpenGL 2.0 wrapper (target Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X at the same time)
OGRE(Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) <LGPL>
対応OSはVC++6.0(with STLPort)/VC++2002(with STLPort)/VC++2003/gcc3/MacOSX(using XCode)。
AllegroGL is an Allegro add-on that allows you to use OpenGL alongside Allegro -- you use OpenGL for your rendering to the screen, and Allegro for miscellaneous tasks like gathering input, doing timers, getting cross-platform portability, loading data, and drawing your textures. So this library fills the same hole that things like glut do.
GLFW is a free, open source, portable framework for OpenGL application development. In short, it is a link library that constitutes a powerful API for handling operating system specific tasks, such as opening an OpenGL window and reading keyboard, mouse and joystick input.
Kitware Inc. > VTK(The Visualization ToolKit) /
3Dデータの可視化ライブラリ。C++以外にもJava, Tcl/Tk, Pythonにも対応。Windows/UNIX系に対応。解説本もある模様。
尺八郎の尺八楼 - MFCからVTKを利用した解説
Crystal Space <LGPL>
Crystal Space currently runs on GNU/Linux, general Unix, Windows, Windows NT, and MacOS/X. It can optionally use OpenGL (on all platforms), SDL (all SDL platforms), X11 (Unix or GNU/Linux) and SVGALIB (GNU/Linux). It can also optionally use assembler routines using NASM and MMX.
Panda3D <Panda License>
Panda3D is a 3D engine: a library of subroutines for 3D rendering and game development. The library is C++ with a set of Python bindings.
Panda3D was developed by Disney for their massively multiplayer online game, Toontown.
ZFXCE is a collection of library to handle 3D-applications and games. It is mostly developed by members of
The GLOW Toolkit <GPL/LGPL>
The GLOW Toolkit is a cross-platform object-oriented framework for building interactive applications using OpenGL or similar APIs such as Mesa. It is, at its heart, an C++ wrapper for GLUT, providing a fully object-oriented API for creating windows, menus and other GUI elements, and for event handling.
OpenSceneGraph <OSGPL>
The OpenSceneGraph is an OpenSource, cross platform graphics toolkit for the development of high peformance graphics applications such as flight simulators, games, virtual reality and scientific visualization. Based around the concept of a SceneGraph, it provides an object oriented framework on top of OpenGL freeing the developer from implementing and optimizing low level graphics calls, and provides many additional utilities for rapid development of graphics applications.
Toys for the OpenSceneGraph - A grabbag of various experimental/whimsical/maybe-useful "toys" for the OpenSceneGraph, such as examples, experiments, utilities, file importer plugins, and pseudoloaders.
mew's OSG projects
SGL(A 3D Scene Graph Library) <GPL>
SGL consists of a set of cross-platform C++ libraries, built on top of OpenGL, which implements 3D scene graph functionality (sgl), some simple 3D model loaders (sgldb, sglobj, sgl3ds), and some miscellaneous utilities (sglu).
APOCALYX is an OpenGL 3D engine with GPL license.
A 3d engine focused (until now) on terrain rendering with OpenGL. The final aim is to make a Starfox-like 3d shoot-them-up. Everything is written in C.
SkyWorks is an engine that implements techniques for fast rendering of realistic clouds. These techniques are being developed by Mark Harris as part of his Ph.D. research. For more information, publications, and videos, see the Real-Time Cloud Rendering page.
2D/3D Scene Graph rendering engine for Linux/Unix/Win32 layered atop OpenGL. Supports stereoscopy, volume rendering, 2D/3D texture mapping, picking, LOD and view-dependent operations, cross-platform text, constant-rate rendering and image-based data.
Delta3D / <LGPL>
The Delta3D Engine is an Open Source product used as a backbone for games and simulations. Delta3D integrates other freely available libraries to provide a high-level API with full functionality.
ODE(Open Dynamics Engine™) <BSD>
ODE is an open source, high performance library for simulating rigid body dynamics. It is fully featured, stable, mature and platform independent with an easy to use C/C++ API.
Stellarium Astronomy Software <GPL>
Stellarium is free GPL software which renders realistic skies in real time with openGL. With Stellarium, you really see what you can see with your eyes, binoculars or a small telescope. Stellarium is also used in planetariums.
The QuakeForge Project / <GPL>
QuakeForge is a 3D graphics game engine based on id Software's legendary Quake and QuakeWorld game engine. Our purpose? To improve the state of the game by improving the engine and making it accessable to the largest number of players we can.
GLUI リファレンス マニュアル 日本語版
glGUI <CPL, zlib/libpng>
It is a cross-platform user interface currently implemented in OpenGL.
OpenGL Window Framework
GtkGLExt is an OpenGL extension to GTK+ 2.0 or later.
libQGLViewer is a free C++ library based on Qt that enables the quick creation of OpenGL 3D viewers.
GLC_lib <GPL>
An OpenGL simple C++ 3D class Library based on QT4. Orbit camera support Simple Obj file support 3D Primitive...
wxWidget > wxGL > wxGLCanvas
wxGLCanvas is a class for displaying OpenGL graphics. There are wrappers for OpenGL on Windows, and GTK+ and Motif.
wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor <BSD>
This class enable VTK to render to and interact with wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) just as any wxWidgets component. wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor provide a VTK widget for wxWidgets. This class was completely rewrote to have the Look & Feel of the python version.
OGLFT(OpenGL-FreeType Library)
This C++ library supplies an interface between the fonts on your system and an OpenGL or Mesa application.
It uses the excellent FreeType library to read font faces from their files and renders text strings as OpenGL primitives.
-divine relics- > program > gl_kanji
The OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC) is a state machine that provides OpenGL programs with character rendering services via an application programming interface (API).
glbmp is an extremely portable, simple, robust, and lightweight replacement for the auxDIBImageLoad and related device-independent bitmap (.bmp) image loader functions of glaux, but it goes far beyond just that. At the basic level, it's a flexible bitmap loader and decoder that can be used anywhere you need to get the color data of a .bmp file.
Tartan <GPL>
Tartan is an OpenGL texture manager library written in C/C++. It handles loading textures from file, for example from tga and pcx, and making them available to OpenGL.
CgMath(The Common Graphics Math Library)
The Common Graphics Math Library aims to provide the fundamental mathematical structures used in 2D and 3D graphics. cgmath also attempts to interface well with OpenGL.
VEE(Visual Effects Engine) <LGPL>
Visual Effects Engine - VEE - is a powerful particle system engine written in C++. It is useful for games, demos, animations and art.
The OPCODE (Optimized Collision Detection) library was integrated to VEE so there is now an alternative collision detection system besides the original one.
FreeSOLID is a library for collision detection of three-dimensional objects undergoing rigid motion and deformation. FreeSOLID is designed to be used in interactive 3D graphics applications.
RAPID(Robust and Accurate Polygon Interference Detection)
RAPID is a robust and accurate polygon interference detection library for large environments composed of unstructured models.
OPCODE(Optimized Collision Detection)
OPCODE is a new small collision detection library. It is similar to popular packages such as SOLID or RAPID, but more memory-friendly, and often faster.
ColDet <LGPL>
This library is an effort to provide a free collision detection library for generic polyhedra. Its purpose is mainly for 3D games where accurate detection is needed between two non-simple objects.
GLOD(Geometric Level of Detail for OpenGL) <The GLOD Open-Source License>
GLOD represents an extremely lightweight approach to Geometric LOD(Level Of Detail) toolkits.
The mesh sdk
The mesh sdk (gmeshsdk) is a useful geometry library for manipulating 3D meshes and geometry data.
GLE Tubing and Extrusion Fact Sheet
Naoki Watanabe's web page > OpenGLで3次元等数値面を描くプログラミングツール
OpenGLプログラミングを少し簡単にするヘッダーファイル gluthack.h と 3次元 等数値面(等高面)を描くモジュール isosurf.h の紹介
GTS(the GNU Triangulated Surface Library) <LGPL>
GTS stands for the GNU Triangulated Surface Library. It is an Open Source Free Software Library intended to provide a set of useful functions to deal with 3D surfaces meshed with interconnected triangles. The code is written entirely in C with an object-oriented approach based mostly on the design of GTK+. Careful attention is paid to performance related issues as the initial goal of GTS is to provide a simple and efficient library to scientists dealing with 3D computational surface meshes.
Visualization and Computer Graphics Lib <GPL>
A portable C++ templated library for manipulation, processing and displaying with OpenGL of triangle and tetrahedral meshes. Toghether with the library a set of tools for processing and visualizing 3d meshes are distributed.
OpenGLide <LGPL>
OpenGLide is a Glide to OpenGL wrapper. It emulates a Voodoo board so you can run old Windows Glide games by translating Glide calls into OpenGL.
OpenGLide for Macintosh <LGPL>
OpenGLide for Macintosh is a shared ibrary that emulates a 3dfx-Voodoo-Graphics board. It allows you to run 3dfx/Glide games without the 3dfx-hardware by translating Glide calls to OpenGL.
GlideXP <3DFX GLIDE Source Code General Public License>
GlideXP is a project to use the Glide3 sources that were released for Linux, and to get them to compile under Windows. This is to allow me to find and fix or bypass the problems that are causing Glide and OpenGL applications to cause system crashes under Windows XP.
Compiling the sources requires MSVC6 Service Pack 5, The Processor Pack (for MASM) and the Windows 98 DDK. Just load the "glide3x.dsw" workspace in MSVC6 and that should be it. Choose the correct configuration for Glide3x, Glide2x or GxpOGL.
Ygl <LGPL>
Ygl emulates SGI's GL routines under X11. It compiles fine under AIX >3.2, HP-UX >7.0, Linux with XFree/Xorg, SunOS, ConvexOS, Mac A/UX, Mac OS/X and many others, but needs an ANSI-C compiler (gcc is ok).

For C/C++ with SDL

SDL(Simple DirectMedia Layer) <LGPL>
IBM developerWorks Linux - SDL
理論科学グループ > SDL / OpenGL 分科会 - SDLのテキスト。 > Programming - SDL関連情報。 - ソフト開発室にて日本語版のSDL関連文書の公開。
OSDL(Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Layer) <LGPL>
OSDL is a high level open source portable multimedia library, built upon Sam Lantinga's SDL ( ). Its goal is to provide a high level C++ framework to ease game development.
Andreas' Software SDL gfx <LGPL> / SDL vnc <LGPL>
SGE(SDL Graphics Extension) <GPL>
So, why use SGE? Well, SDL is a low level API and if you don't want to spend time writing your own graphic functions (put pixel, line, circle...) you could use SGE instead.
The library is platform independent. Windows MSVC++ 6, Linux x86 gcc 3.3, and OS X Xcode are officially supported. Programmable hardware is supported via the OpenGL ARB assembly, GLSL, NVIDIA, and Cg specifications.
Agar / <BSD>
Agar is an object-oriented application framework for SDL with support for OpenGL. It is aimed at graphical editors, games and simulations. Agar implements a GUI, a map system, an editor for vector+bitmap graphics, and many other features.
libUFO(UI For OpenGL) <LGPL>
aedGUI is a cross-plataform, easy-to-use, non-intrusive C++ GUI library that runs on top of SDL, providing themeable widgets without learning Yet Another API.
Entangled Space > ライブラリ > SDL_kanji
SDL + bdf フォントで日本語を気軽に扱えるライブラリです。

For .NET Framework

C#, etc...

CsGL(C sharp Graphics Library) <BSD>
Development of CsGL has essentially stopped. CsGL has proven to be stable and good enough for most applications, however, it still has some known issues.
csDragons OpenGL.NET <GPL>
OpenGL.NET is an OpenGL-Wrapper implemented in C# for the .NET-Framework.
The SharpGL graphics library is a C# wrapper of OpenGL. However, it is also a fully object orientated Scene Graph.
SDL.NET is a set of object-oriented .NET bindings for the SDL gaming library.
Tao Framework - Gaming Development for .NET
The Tao Framework is standard. The libraries provided in the Tao Framework include Cg, DevIL, FreeGLUT, ODE, OpenAL, OpenGL, and SDL.
LightFire# <LGPL>
LightFire# is a fast and small Engine to create platform independent Games and Graphic Applications for Linux, *BSD and Windows Systems. It provides Graphic, Sound, AI and Network support. LightFire# uses OpenGL and is written in C#.
RealmForge GDK <LGPL>
The RealmForge GDK is the cross-platform game development platform for .NET. It is written entirely in C# to ensure portability and allow the productivity, flexibility, and dynamic nature of the .NET Framework to be leveraged in all aspects of game development.
ManagedGL <LGPL>
ManagedGL is a .NET and cross platform library for games, which leans heavily on SDL. It is written in C# and works great both on Linux and Windows. Now there also is a .NET 2.0 version available, which features Surface Processing Chains.

For VisualBasic

Programming OpenGL with Visual Basic > VBOpenGL type library
Version 1.2 of the type library is a consolidation of Patrice Scribe's 'Microsoft OpenGL Type Library 1.1' and the previous versions of VBOpenGL.tlb.

For Java

SunMicrosystems - Java 3D API
Atsushi's Homepage - Java3DTipsやGameProgramでは衝突判定に関する情報等。
JOGL Library <BSD>
Java bindings for OpenGL。
jGL 3D Graphics Library for Java
jGL は Java™プログラミング言語のための三次元グラフィックス・ライブラリーです。このAPIはOpenGL®と同様に定義されます。さらにJava2プラットホームと前のJava上で実行できます。
YAJOGLB(Yet Another Java OpenGL Binding)
YAJOGLB (Yet Another Java OpenGL Binding) provides Java programs with access to the OpenGL rendering library.
JTGL(Java Tiny Gfx Library) <LGPL>
Java Tiny Gfx Library (JTGL) is a graphic fundation framework (a graphics/gaming api) that will allow easy deployment/porting of applications/games on many environments: J2SE,J2ME/MIDP(Nokia,Siemens,BlackBerry),SuperWaba(Palm,PPC,Symbian),ExEn,DoJa,etc..
gl4gcj <MIT/X Consortium License>
gl4gcj は OpenGL,GLU,GLUT の Java バインディングを GCJ( ) 環境に提供するライブラリです. gl4gcj を利用して作成されたアプリケーションは GCJ でコンパイルするため JRE なしで動作させることができます.
sdljava(Java Binding for SDL) (旧JSDL) <LGPL>
sdljava is a java binding to the SDL library.
sdl4gcj <MIT/X Consortium License>
sdl4gcj は Java から SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer : ) を使うためのクラスライブラリです。作成されたアプリケーションは GCJ( ) でコンパイルすることで, JRE なしで動作します。
Espresso3D <Espresso3D License>
Espresso3D is a high performance real-time 3D engine for the Java™ programming language.
E3D is not just a scene graph. It aims to be a complete solution for your application with OpenGL rendering, OpenAL audio, collision detection, input, and rendering support.
GTGE(Golden T Game Engine)
Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) is an advanced cross-platform game programming library written in Java language.
GTGE library provides a complete routines for making 2D game, from low level routines such as hardware accelerated 2D graphics, mouse and keyboard input, audio, timing, to game specific routines such as sprite, background, collision detection.
Jake2 <GPL>
Jake2 is a Java 3D game engine. It is a port of the GPL’d Quake2 game engine from id Software. Jake2 uses jogl for OpenGL graphics and joal for 3D sound.

For Python

PyOpenGL is the cross platform Python binding to OpenGL and related APIs.
VPython: a free, open-source, multi-platform, 3D programming environment especially suitable for use by students in introductory physics courses (including novice programmers).
可視化ライブラリ VTK の Python バインディングです.VTK はパイプラインプログラミング指向の可視化ライブラリで,プリミティブレンダリング,ボリュームレンダリング,アニメーション,対話インタフェースのような基礎的なタスクを簡単に実現できます.Tk や wxPython でインタフェースを組めます.

For Fortran

f90gl <public domain>
f90gl is a public domain implementation of the official Fortran 90 bindings for OpenGL. The current version is Version 1.2.11 This version implements the interface for OpenGL 1.2, GLU 1.2, GLUT 3.7, and several extensions.

For Ada

AdaSDL is a set of Ada (programming language) bindings, ports, and some original applications based on SDL.

For Embedded > Linuxザウルス > SDL
the Open Source 3D Graphics Library for Mobile Devices
OpenGL® ES
OpenGL® ES is a royalty-free, cross-platform API for full-function 2D and 3D graphics on embedded systems - including handheld devices, appliances and vehicles.
ケータイWATCH > ケータイ用語の基礎知識 > 第210回:OpenGL ES とは
KDDIのケータイ新機種に搭載のOpenGL ESを利用,エイタロウソフトが3次元ゲーム
ゲームロフト、3Dグラフィックスによるレースアプリ EZweb「アスファルト: アーバンGT」
HI CORP. > MascotCapsule Developer Network
MascotCapsule®は、携帯ゲーム機・PDA・デジタルビデオ・カメラ、カーナビ、携帯電話などの様々なデバイス上で、3Dのアプリケーションをリアルタイムに動作させることが可能な3Dレンダリングエンジン・ソフトウェアです。プラットフォームに依存せず、限られたハードウェア資源でも高機能 3Dアプリケーションが快適に動作する環境を提供いたします。最新版のMascotCapsule潤・4では、M3G(JSR184)やOpenGL ESなどの国際標準規格にも準拠し、より開発の可能性を広げました。
Hybrid Graphics > Rasteroid™
Hybrid Rasteroid OpenGL ES 1.0 and 1.1 (Common profile) can be used for evaluation and non-commercial application development. Hybrid Rasteroid now includes Hybrid's JSR 184 for Windows.
QALCOMM SDK Extension for OpenGL ES / 日本
BREW SDK向けのExtensionモジュール。
OpenVG - The Standard for Vector Graphics Acceleration
TinyGL <BSD>
TinyGL is intended to be a very small implementation of a subset of OpenGL * for embedded systems or games.
Embedded Mozilla in 3D OpenGL application example (Windows based)
WebGL <Apache>


AGI社 - STK(Satellite ToolKit)
日本代理店 株式会社イメージ ワン のSTK情報ページ。DEMO CDのムービーは圧巻。
Quantum3D - VTree SDK
兼松エアロスペース株式会社 - 米国Quantum3D社の各種商品を取り扱っている。
Pocket GL is a C/C++ 3D library for Pocket PC. It allow to program fast 3D graphics on your pocket PC.
エイタロウソフト > MXW3D




お薦め。画面のスクリーンショットをBitmapやTARGA(*.tga)ファイルに保存する方法、衝突判定や OpenAL を使用したサウンド出力等。
OpenGL Tutorials。各種開発環境(VC,VB,C#,Delphi,MacOS,Java,REALbasic・・・)のソースが掲載されている。
Nate Robins > OpenGL
Coding at SGI等のコンテンツ。GLUTを公開しているサイトでもある。 - OpenGL tutorial & 3d engine tutorial
3ds maxファイルのローダー等。
Fallout Software > Programming
ZeroByZero presents
Interactive 3D Graphics with OpenGL
Convolutions/Matrices/Skybox/VAR tutorial。
The Game Programming Wiki > Tutorials and Source Code
Algorithm, OpenGL, SDLに関する情報。
Cone3D Programming - SDL, OpenGL and C++ Tutorials
OpenGL @ Lighthouse 3D - Tutorials
GLSL, Billboarding, Picking, Terrain, DisplayList, GLUT, Shadows・・・といった大量のチュートリアル群。
Zeus CMD - Design and Development Tutorials
OpenGL, GLUT, OpenGL ESに関するチュートリアル。


exa - OpenGL Programming Course
OpenGL 教育コースのテキストの無償公開。UNIX, Windows, Macのソース有り。
大阪工業大学情報科学部 > 感覚メディア研究室 資料のページ > OpenGLゼミ資料
2002年度 OpenGL勉強会 資料 > OpenGL入門
freemage - coding technics - SDL
WisdomSoft > OpenGL入門
MITe-minsai > X-Window Programming



日本SGI - OpenGL
Apple Developer Connection - Graphics & Imaging OpenGL Sample Code
MacOS X向けのOpenGLサンプルコード。
DTED Viewerのソースは、MemoryLeakするわ読み込みルーチンはバグっているわで使い物にならない。 > Download > VRML-Beispiel <GPL>
The Code Project - OpenGL Programming
Partial LightWave object loader
VC++6.0/VC++2003/IntelC++Compiler8.0/g++3.3.1/MIPSpro7.4.2 で動いたので恐らくC++標準。
int nIndex = 2;
double (*pppdTest)[ 3 ][ 4 ] = new double[ nIndex ][ 3 ][ 4 ];
for ( int i = 0; i < nIndex; i++ )
  for ( int j = 0; j < 3; j++ )
    for ( int k = 0; k < 4; k++ )
    {  pppdTest[ i ][ j ][ k ] = static_cast<double>( i + j + k );
       printf( "[%d][%d][%d] = %lf\n", i, j, k, pppdTest[ i ][ j ][ k ] ); }
delete [] pppdTest;
Paul Bourke
OpenGL Demo
Al's OpenGL Game Development
MD2形式(Quake2)のビューワや基本的なサンプル等。 - OpenGL (1.2 - 1.5) Code Samples
お薦め。各サンプルで使用するOpenGL API関数名が列挙されているので分かり易い。nVidiaのCg言語のサンプルも多数。
Calsoft-Japan - テックセンター|テクニカルペーパー > OpenGL とMFCを用いたグラフィックプログラミング
mindfuck > Articles
3D Object Intersection
Magic Software > SourceCode > Intersection
交差判定。他にも多数のサンプルコードがあるので一通り一読すべし。 > SourceCode > Intersection
交差判定。上記Magic Softwareのサイトにあったものとほぼ同じ内容。 のサポートサイト。
Collision detection & Response
VirtualBEing is in the early stages of development. It is written in C++/MFC/OpenGL using document/view architecture and an Object Oriented design approach.
Sphere-Tree Construction Toolkit
The sphere-tree construction framework contains a number of different algorithms. The Octree and Hubbard algorithms implement the existing algorithms upon which we have based our comparisons. Our own algorithms are based around the notion of a Sphere Reducer.
Microsoft GLlib DLL for EasyBit Sample
The PFD_DRAW_TO_BITMAP pixel format descriptor flag allows OpenGL applications to render on a Microsoft Windows device-independent bitmap (DIB).
Microsoft EasyBit Sample
The PFD_DRAW_TO_BITMAP pixel format descriptor flag allows OpenGL applications to render on a Microsoft Windows device-independent bitmap (DIB).
Microsoftサポートオンライン > OpenGL アプリケーションで複数のスレッドを実装します。
機械翻訳なので 原文 を読んだ方が分かり易いかも。


T.Teranishi' HomePage
数学と計算 > OpenGL(3D Graphics)
あにろぐ > Categories > OpenGL
物理のかぎしっぽ > プログラミング > OpenGL
D5. のページ > CODE > Memorial > Latest > GLUI日本語対応計画
Electric Digital World
3D Linux Unknown
国土交通省国土技術政策総合研究所 - 景観シミュレータ
m-take's HP > おもしろソースコードサンプル(VB6.0)
VB6.0を使用したOpenGL 3Dパイプ/3D飛行物体 のスクリーンセーバーのソース等。
Entangled Space
宮城大学 蒔苗研究室
0と1の間の住人 > プログラミング / 旧サイト / 旧アドレス
Simple DirectMedia Layer(SDL)というマルチメディア用途のAPIを使用してゲームを作成するページ。このページではSDLを全面的にバックアップしていきます。
Shohei NOBUHARA's Web Page > 計算機関係 > OpenGL
OpenGL, GLUT, and GLUI with MinGWに関するメモ。
CodeZine > OpenGL AUXライブラリによる2D画像処理
[初級] AUXベースの簡単な画像処理アプリケーションの作成


__ftol2() error in GLAUX.LIB in new MS SDK
extern "C" long _ftol( double ); //defined by VC6 C libs
extern "C" long _ftol2( double dblSource ) { return _ftol( dblSource ); }
color change after glRasterPost
Segmentation fault /SGI/ios::init()
Linking problem with IRIX 6.5 and OpenGL - 同様の問題。こっちでは<iostream>ヘッダのインクルードを止めて解決した模様。


Y330's nest
「二十面体を転がせ!」でOpenGLを使用して地球を描画。 > download > 3Dマウスシミュレータ
開発はCygwin + OpenGL。
へぇ〜 for SDL
VirtualGL / TurboJPEG / TurboVNC <wxWindows Library Licence>
A package which non-intrusively converts any Unix/Linux OpenGL application into a thin client application, allowing for real-time interaction on a modest LAN regardless of data or geometry size.
RTFSS(Real Time Free Surface Solver) <GPL>
A Fast MAC based 3D Free surface fuid solver. Capable also of simulating viscoelastic fluids.Includes also wave equation solver for simulating shallow water phenomena.


Eclipse Shaders
This Eclipse plugin help you to create, edit and verify your GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) and NVidia CG vertex and pixel shaders directly inside the Eclipse IDE. Each shader can be edit in an editor with syntax color with error/warning markers.
Eclipse Plug-inの更新サクセス先サイト :
Code::Blocks / @BerliOS / @SourceForge <GPL>
Code::Blocks is a free C++ IDE built specifically to meet the most demanding needs of its users. It was designed, right from the start, to be extensible and configurable.
手抜きなセットアップ手順は Build/CodeBlocks を参照方。
DevC++ <GPL>
DevC++ JPプロジェクト <GPL>
wx-DevCpp(wxWindows Dialog Designer) <LGPL>
wx-Devcpp is an extension of DevC++ by Colin Laplace This program helps you to create Dialogs and Frames for wxWidgets visually.
Basic4GL is a free BASIC programming language for Win32 platforms with built in OpenGL v1.1 support. Basic4GL is a compiler and virtual machine, using a easy, simple syntax based on traditional BASIC.


OpenGL Extention Viewer
使用しているVideoCardのOpenGL API(1.0〜2.0)対応状況表示ツール。
nyk(HASHIMOTO)のぺーじ > Picgl
GLiv <GPL>
GLiv is an OpenGL image viewer, image loading is done via Gdk-pixbuf bundled with GTK+-2.6, rendering with OpenGL and the graphical user interface uses GTK+ with GtkGLExt.
Ogle - Large-Scale Scientific Data Visualizer
Ogle is a three-dimensional vector and scalar scientific data visualization tool based on OpenGL.


DOOM向けのThe GL-Node Builder。
Geomorph / <GPL>
Geomorph is a height field generator and editor for the Linux operating system.
Gmsh - a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities <GPL>
Gmsh is an automatic 3D finite element grid generator (primarily Delaunay) with a build-in CAD engine and post-processor.


OpenGL Bench Ver2.0 for Win
VEP > LessonよりソースコードのDownloadが可能。
OpenGL Benchmark
GL Excess - The OpenGL Demo
SPEC(Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) > Graphics/Applications > SPECviewperf®
Michael Tirtasana Homepage
TIRTANIUM OPENGL/DIRECT 3D & TexBench。Windows/Linux/IRIXに対応。
PostPetMark (Ver.1.1x)は、「PostPet V3」で使用している描画エンジンを用い、お手持ちのパソコンの3D描画能力を手軽に確認できるテストプログラムです。
CINEBENCH 2003は、WindowとMacintoshのどちらでも動作するフリーベンチマークソフトウェアです。


Space Invaders OpenGL <GPL>
CSP(The Combat Simulator Project) <GPL>
We are developing standards, technologies, code libraries, tools and artwork that can be used to build a wide variety of real-time combat simulators.
glTron <GPL>
Vamos <GPL>
Vamos is an automotive simulation framework with an emphasis on thorough physical modeling and good C++ design. Vamos includes a real-time, first-person, 3D driving application.
The free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions. Celestia runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
glAnts <GPL>
glAnts - This project is a combination game and simulation that will allow you to interact with simple artificial ants.
Scorched3D <GPL>
Scorched 3D is a game based loosely (or actually quite heavily now) on the classic DOS game Scorched Earth "The Mother Of All Games".
BZFlag is a free multiplayer multiplatform 3D tank battle game. The name stands for Battle Zone capture Flag. It runs on Irix, Linux, *BSD, Windows, Mac OS X and other platforms.
asteroids3D <GPL>
Some time ago (2002/2003), I have found interest in the asteroids3D game by Stuart Mark Pomerantz, a first person shooter blowing up asteroids. It was a little slow so I revamped the source tree to today's standards and also fix bugs.
GLSnake3d <GPL>
GLSnake3D is a portable 1st/3rd person shooter-like Snake clone with nice OpenGL 3d gfx. A nice multiplayer engine allows online matches.
StormWar <GPL>
StormWar is a 3D realtime strategy game inspired by a quite unknown but great old game: NetStorm, Islands at War.
TuxRacer <GPL>
Tux Racer is a simple OpenGL-based racing game featuring Tux, the Linux Penguin.
TORCS(The Open Racing Car Simulator) <GPL>
TORCS, The Open Racing Car Simulator is a highly portable multi platform car racing simulation. It is used as ordinary car racing game, as AI racing game and as research platform. It runs on Linux (x86, AMD64 and PPC), FreeBSD and Windows.
Neverball <GPL>
Tilt the floor to roll a ball through an obstacle course before time runs out. Neverball is part puzzle game, part action game, and entirely a test of skill.
Palomino Flight Simulator / <GPL>
Palomino is an arcade-style flight simulator written in C++ using OpenGL.
CIGI(The Common Image Generator Interface) <LGPL>
CIGI is an open simulation protocol for communication between a host device and IG(Image Generator).
全く英語力が無いので適当な解釈ですが、演算処理〜画面表示間のデータフォーマットをICD(Interface Control Document)で明確に定義するシミュレーションフレームワーク的なものか?

with GLUT

SPRING Surgical Simulator <GPL>
SPRING is a real-time surgical simulation system with soft-tissue modeling and networked haptics. SPRING is cross-platform (Unix, Windows, and OS X.) Written in C++ with OpenGL, SPRING reads many common 3-D file formats and supports parallel processing. って事で外科手術のシミュレータらしい。
SPRING is a real-time soft-tissue modeling engine for:
  1. Training surgeons
  2. Building surgery skills
  3. Surgical rehearsal
  4. An extensible, open-source platform for developing scenarios and simulations

with SDL

OpenCity <GPL>
OpenCity is a city simulator game project written in standard C++ with OpenGL and SDL from scratch.
GL-117 <GPL>
GL-117 is an OpenGL- and SDL-based action flight simulator written in C++. It provides a random terrain generator, lighting effects, sounds, and joystick support.
SDL Sasteroids <GPL, 他複数>
SDL Sasteroids is a rework of the original Sasteroids game by Brad Pitzel last released in 1994.
LsdlDoom is a version of Doom, designed to run on any systen that supports SDL. Doom is a 3D game originally by id software.
Free Space Colonization <GPL>
Free Space Colonization is a game of colonization, trade and diplomacy. It's played on randomly generated maps, the aim is to build an empire which can exist independent. It uses SDL and OpenGL to be cross platform. A first part of program which allows to browse the map is available for download.
Tavli 3d <GPL>
Tavli3d is the greek backgammon.It consists of three games:portes (similar to Backgammon),plakoto(pinning instead of hitting) and fevga(no hitting).The client is written in OpenGL/SDL/C and the server in python.For now only single player is supported.
X-Moto <GPL>
X-Moto is a 2D motocross platform game where the goal is to complete various levels as fast as possible.

with GLFW

Bomber is 3D airplane simulator in C/C++ based on GLFW OpenGL framework. This project aims to create full, playable 3D game, with heavily commented source codes, that would be a fundament for creating a tutorial concernig all sides of Game development process.

with Java

Laser Squad 3D <GPL>
Laser Squad 3D is a squad-based tactical pseudo-realtime strategy game. It can be played either single player or two players over a network. It includes different missions, weapons and equipment. Emphasis is on easy setup, quick start, and enjoyment.


id Software
Quake1 SourceCode
Quake2 SourceCode
Quake3 SourceCode
GLQuake & GLHexen 2 for MacOS & MacOSX
This site is dedicated to maintaining and updating the opensourced GLQuake, GLHexen 2 and related games for Classic MacOS and MacOSX. Our goal is not only to provide solid ports of PC games, but to add features that Mac users have come to expect and refine the code for optimal performance on Macintosh systems.

FlightGear Flight Simulator関連

FlightGear Flight Simulator / JP FlightGear Flight Simulator <GPL>
The FlightGear flight simulator project is an open-source, multi-platform, cooperative flight simulator development project.
FGSD(The FlightGear Scenery Designer) <GPL>
FGSD is an OpenSource interactive program that allow its user to design custom sceneries for the FlightGear flight simulator project.
OpenGC(The Open Source Glass Cockpit Project) <The OpenGC License>
OpenGC is a multi-platform, multi-simulator, open-source C++ tool for developing and implementing high quality glass cockpit displays for simulated flightdecks.
SimGear <LGPL>
SimGear is a set of open-source libraries designed to be used as building blocks for quickly assembling 3d simulations, games, and visualization applications. SimGear is a relatively new project, and while quite a bit of code has been written in conjunction with the FlightGear project, the final interface and arrangements are still evolving.
JSBSim is an open source flight dynamics model (FDM) that compiles and runs under many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, IRIX, Cygwin (Unix on Windows), etc. The FDM is essentially the physics/math model that defines the movement of an aircraft under the forces and moments applied to it using the various control mechanisms and from the forces of nature. JSBSim has no native graphics. It can be run by itself as a standalone program, taking input from a script file and various aircraft configuration files; or, it can be run as an integrated part of a larger flight simulator implementation that includes a visual system. The most notable example of the use of JSBSim is currently seen in the open source FlightGear simulator.

通称緑本。在庫切れ&重版未定。_| ̄|○
SGI OpenGL Porting Guide
SGIによるIRIS GLからOpenGLへの移行ガイドのWeb版。
OpenGL Porting Guideや赤本・青本の英語版が有る。