C++向けのGUI Frameworkへのリンク集。


*Toolkit(for CrossPlatform) [#ToolkitCP]
:[[The OpenGroup Motif®:http://www.opengroup.org/motif/]]|The Motif graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit facilitates the development of applications for heterogeneous, networked computing environments.
:[[LessTif:http://www.lesstif.org]] <LGPL>|LessTif is the Hungry Programmers' version of OSF/Motif&reg;. It aims to be source compatible meaning that the same source code should compile with both and work exactly the same! 
:[[Trolltech Qt:http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/]]|Qt は [[KDE:http://www.kde.gr.jp]] のベースになっているライブラリです。
&br;[[Qt リファレンス翻訳:http://www.kde.gr.jp/~ichi/qtdoc-ja.html]]
:[[FLTK(Fast Light Toolkit):http://www.fltk.org]] <LGPL>|The Fast Light Tool Kit ("FLTK", pronounced "fulltick") is a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit for UNIX&reg;/Linux&reg; (X11), Microsoft&reg; Windows&reg;, and MacOS&reg; X. FLTK provides modern GUI functionality without the bloat and supports 3D graphics via OpenGL&reg; and its built-in GLUT emulation. 
:[[SPTK(Simply Powerful Toolkit):http://www.tts-sf.com/alexeyp/index.php?act=sptk]] <[[FLTK License:http://www.fltk.org/COPYING.php]]>|This page is dedicated for my SPTK library. The goal of this library is to create the easy-to-use, compact and effective library of controls to extend the abilities of FLTK library.
:[[FOX TOOLKIT:http://www.fox-toolkit.org]] <LGPL>|[[日本語ドキュメント:http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~cv8t-hdk/fox/fox-doc.ja/fox.ja.html]]も有り。
:[[TnFOX:http://www.nedprod.com/TnFOX/]] <LGPL>|TnFOX is a modern secure, robust, multithreaded, exception aware, internationalisable, portable GUI toolkit library designed for mission-critical work in C++ and Python forked from the FOX library.
:[[The V C++ GUI Framework:http://www.objectcentral.com/vgui/vgui.htm]] / http://sf.net/projects/vgui <LGPL>|V is a free portable C++ GUI Framework intended to develop a wide variety of applications on different graphical interface platforms.
:[[Ultimate++:http://upp.sf.net]] <GPL>|Ultimate++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development suite.
:[[Nano-X Window System(旧Microwindows):http://www.nano-x.org]]|The Nano-X Window System is an Open Source project aimed at bringing the features of modern graphical windowing environments to smaller devices and platforms.  Nano-X allows applications to be built and tested on the Linux desktop, as well as cross-compiled for the target device.
:[[Window Gadgets:http://frmb.org/uwg.html]] <GPL>|Window Gadgets (WG) is my effort (so-far) at writing a toolkit for X11. It started life when I was writing gametest and decided a simple toolkit was needed (for menus and suchlike). Around that point I stopped working on gametest and went flat-out on WG.
:[[Micro Window-Gadgets:http://frmb.org/uwg.html]] <GPL>|Micro WG is a C `version' of WG. In general, UWG is somewhat more light-weight than WG. Firstly because it's written in C and not C++. Secondly because it does not yet provide all the features of WG.
:[[Style:http://www.uiwithstyle.org]] <Eclipse Public License>|Style is the ongoing C++ port of IBM's Native Look and Feel SWT for Java, itself deriving from IBM's VisualAge for SmallTalk, with two major twists.
:[[DigiForce SDK:http://sf.net/projects/digiforce]] <LGPL>|DigiForce is a SDK(LGPL) similar to QT or GTK for Linux/Mingw with : Window(DX,X11), Bitmap(PNG,GIF,BMP,JPG,ICO), Sound(WAV), multi-Threading, Network(IP), Servers[DHCP, HTTP(SSL,PHP,ISAPI,IPP), FTP(SSL), SMTP(MX,SSL), POP3], make utility, OpenSSL

:[[The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page:http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/7184/guitool.html]]|

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**GTK系列 [#ToolkitCP_GTK]
:[[GTK+(The GIMP Toolkit):http://www.gtk.org]] <LGPL>|GTK+ は GNOME(GNU Network Object Model Environment) のベースになっているライブラリ。
&br;[[日本GNOMEユーザー会:http://www.gnome.gr.jp]] - GNOME/GTK+/Glibの日本語ドキュメント等
:[[GTK+ for Windows:http://www.gimp.org/~tml/gimp/win32/]]|
:[[GTK+ 実験室:http://gtklab.sourceforge.jp/index.html.ja]]|GTK+やGTK+に関連するライブラリなどの動作や仕組みを研究するプロジェクトです。GTK+とGTK+を利用するプログラムの移植の方法を調査し、移植を行います。またソースコードの再頒布やコンパイル済みのバイナリの頒布も行います。

:[[gtkmm:http://www.gtkmm.org]] <LGPL>| gtkmm is the official C++ interface for the popular GUI library GTK+. Highlights include typesafe callbacks, widgets extensible via inheritance and a comprehensive set of widgets. You can create user interfaces either in code or with the Glade designer, using libglademm.
&br;[[Libsigc++:http://sf.net/projects/libsigc]] - gtkmmが利用しているライブラリ。

-VDK(The Visual Development Kit)
:[[VDK Library:http://sf.net/projects/vdklib]] <GPL>|VDK Library is a framework in C++ that binds GTK+ GUI libraries, provided for both Linux and Windows has been a base library for VDKBuilder project. Recently the project has been divided and VDK continues development by his own.

-VCF(The Visual Component Framework)
:[[VCF:http://vcf-online.org]] <BSD>|The Visual Component Framework is an advanced C++ application framework that makes it easy to produce powerful C++ applications. The framework is a based on a thoroughly modern C++ design and has built in support for Rapid Application Development (RAD).

:[[Lit Window Library:http://sf.net/projects/litwindow]]|wxWidgetsをベースとしている。

**[[OpenGL]]ベース [#ToolkitCP_OpenGL]
:[[The GLOW Toolkit:http://glow.sf.net]] <GPL/LGPL>|The GLOW Toolkit is a cross-platform object-oriented framework for building interactive applications using OpenGL or similar APIs such as Mesa. It is, at its heart, an C++ wrapper for GLUT, providing a fully object-oriented API for creating windows, menus and other GUI elements, and for event handling.
:[[aedGUI:http://aedgui.sf.net]] <LGPL>| aedGUI is a cross-plataform, easy-to-use, non-intrusive C++ GUI library that runs on top of SDL, providing themeable widgets without learning Yet Another API.

*Toolkit(for UNIX) [#ToolkitUNIX]

**GTK系列 [#ToolkitUNIX_GTK]
:[[Inti(The Integrated Foundation Classes):http://sf.net/projects/inti]] <LGPL>|Inti is a set of integrated C++ foundation classes for developing applications on Unix-like systems such as Linux. It's GUI toolkit combines the power of GTK+ and the power of C++ into an easy to use state-of-the-art application development platform

*Toolkit(for Windows) [#ToolkitWin]
:[[Notus:http://notus.sf.net]]|Notus is not your traditional GUI framework like MFC, wxWindows, WTL, etc. It is an unique library that is bringing the generative programming concepts into the GUI world.
:[[win32gui - Win32 GUI Generics:http://www.torjo.com/win32gui/]] / http://sf.net/projects/win32gui <CPL>|C++ Generic lib for Win32 GUI Programming. Features: GUI RAII, no msg maps, easy to handle events/event ranges, fast compilation times, no main loop... Portable: vc71,gcc,como.
:[[SmartWin++:http://smartwin.sf.net]]|SmartWin a template library written to give the flexibility of the Windows API and the easiness of Java without the hassle and lack of typesafety that MFC/WTL delivers. A flexible, expandable abstraction of the Windows API (formerly Win32 API)
:[[Ytl is a Thumb Library:http://sf.net/projects/ytl/]] <MIT>|YTL(Ytl is a Thumb Library) is a C++ library for developing Windows applications and UI components. It is based on Win32 platform sdk and provides a lightweight framework of Win32 GUI application and some useful utilities.

*Framework/Component [#Framework]
:[[The GGI Project(General Graphics Interface):http://www.ggi-project.org]]|GGI stands for General Graphics Interface, and it is a project that aims to develop a reliable, stable and fast graphics system that works everywhere. The GGI project is now focussed on developing a set of portable user-space libraries, with an array of different backends or targets (eg. framebuffer, X, quartz, directx).
:[[The KGI Project(Kernel Graphics Interface):http://kgi-wip.sf.net]]|KGI, or Kernel Graphics Interface, provides a framework that allows full 3D accellerated video card drivers to compile on different platforms without any modification to the drivers themselves. At the moment of writing, the Linux target is rather stable, and the core is being ported to FreeBSD, OpenBSD and [[The GNU Hurd:http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/hurd.html]].
:[[Scintilla:http://www.scintilla.org]] / http://sf.net/projects/scintilla <Python License>|A free source code editing component for Win32 and GTK+. Scintilla is a free source code editing component which includes useful features such as syntax styling, error indicators, folding, code completion and call tips. The project includes SciTE (SCIntilla based Text Editor).

**デスクトップ環境 [#Framework_Desktop]
:[[GNOME(GNU Network Object Model Environment):http://www.gnome.gr.jp]] (読み:グノーム)|日本GNOMEユーザー会
&br;[[CyGNOME - Cygwin + GNOME:http://cygnome.sf.net]]
:[[KDE(The K Desktop Environment):http://www.kde.gr.jp]]|日本KDEユーザ会(JKUG)
&br;[[KDE on Cygwin:http://kde-cygwin.sf.net]]
:[[Xfce:http://www.xfce.org]]|GTK+ ツールキットバージョン2(GTK+2)がベースです。
:[[Window Maker:http://www.windowmaker.org]]|[[Window Maker完全FAQ:http://www.nurs.or.jp/~gen56/wmaker/wmfaq_j.html]]
:[[CDE(Common Desktop Environment):http://www.opengroup.org/tech/desktop/cde/]]|Motifベースで昔のSolarisでも使われている。
:[[XPde:http://www.xpde.com]]|It's a complete desktop environment for Linux on x86. It tries to make easier for Windows XP users to use a Linux box. Nothing more, no clipboard compatibility between Gtk and Qt applications, no emulation of Windows applications, no unification on the widgets of X applications, just a desktop environment.
:[[AfterStep:http://www.afterstep.org]]|AfterStep is a window manager for the Unix X Window System. Originally based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface, it provides end users with a consistent, clean, and elegant desktop. The goal of AfterStep development is to provide for flexibility of desktop configuration, improving aestetics, and efficient use of system resources.
:[[foxdesktop:http://sf.net/projects/foxdesktop]] <GPL/LGPL>|foxdesktop is an attempt to create a new desktop environment based on the FOX GUI library. We aim to introduce recent technologies to provide the user with a powerful, yet easy to use interface, but keep the applications small and fast.
:[[the Enlightenment Project:http://www.enlightenment.org]]|Xfceよりも軽快らしい。

:[[Goodies for Xfce4:http://xfce-goodies.berlios.de]]|The "Goodies for Xfce" project includes additional software and artwork that are related to the Xfce desktop, but not part of the official release.

*GUI Builder/RAD Tool [#GUIBuilder]
:[[Glade:http://glade.gnome.org]] <GPL>|Glade is a free user interface builder for GTK+ and GNOME, released under the GNU GPL License.
:[[glademm:http://home.wtal.de/petig/Gtk/]] <GPL>|glademm an extension to  glade and glade-2 (Gtk GUI Builder) to create C++ sources for gtk-- and gtkmm2 (any combination) or skeletons for libglade(mm) based programs.
:[[Glade/GTK+ for Windows:http://gladewin32.sf.net]] <LGPL>|Windows port of Glade2/Gtk+ with some enhancements and major platform specified problems fixed. Devel/Runtime package installers of Gtk+/Win32 and libglade/Win32 are included.
:[[VDKBuilder:http://sf.net/projects/vdkbuilder]] <GPL>|VDKBuilder is a rapid application development tool based on VDK(The Visual Development Kit), a C++ wrapper of the Gtk+ widget set library. It helps programmer in constructing GUI interfaces, editing, compiling, linking and debugging within an integrated environment.

*Control [#Control]
:[[The Code Project > Miscellaneous Controls and components:http://www.codeproject.com/miscctrl/]]|[[MFC Grid control:http://www.codeproject.com/miscctrl/gridctrl.asp]]等の情報。


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